I can be reached for consultations by e-mail: "consulting [at] networkboy.net"

     I offer a broad selection of consultancy and contract services. The services I offer are those I've found to be most needed in R&D lab environments. If you need assistance with a skill set not covered here, please contact me, I still may be able to help.

     I've found that many times in a lab environment additional help is needed in several key areas. Some of these areas are best filled by contract labor from a suitable agency; other times the time-cost involved in training someone to fill in the position are so high as to not be reasonable. I offer a solution to bridge this gap. My experience in the industry allows me to ramp up exceptionally quickly, and provide the assistance you need on time scales as short as four hours.

Software development.
     Many times I've seen an application that just needs a couple "little tweaks" to continue its useful operation in a lab environment. The problem often is that the developer has left the company and the documentation may be poor or non-existent. Other times the documentation is reasonable, but there simply is not any available staff to complete the work. I offer software maintenance and modification in C/C++, PERL, PHP, and other languages as available. Depending on the scope of work I can provide on-line documentation about specific APIs and function calls, or the entire software package. While back documenting older code sometimes is not practical, I will always provide you with documentation of any code produced by me.

Equipment specification.
     Finding the right tool for the job is paramount to making the job manageable. I have experience with a broad range of test and measurement equipment, across several major brands, and many functions. Whether you need the perfect low noise power supply, or to be able to capture fast edges in the pico-second range, I can assist you in finding the equipment you need, within your budget. Since I have no affiliation with a specific equipment vendor or manufacturer, I can assure you unbiased opinions about what is available and when you may need to re-consider your budgetary allotment, without the worry that you are being over-sold.

Test methodologies.
     Have you ever found your team in the position of not knowing exactly what the engineering side of the house expects from a test suite? Documentation of test procedures is important. I have experience writing work instructions suitable for entry level techs to be up and running with minimal coaching and training time. I can gear the documentation to any technical level needed, from "cliff notes" for experienced staff, all the way through fully detailed step instructions suitable for a tech fresh from their associates degree.

Test execution.
     On a deadline? Need one more tech that you can ramp up in minutes and have collecting empirical data? I can sit down and start executing tests for you with minimal training and lag. Again, my broad familiarity with bench top test equipment means that all the training I will need is about your device under test, and not the test equipment or methodology itself. After the crunch is over I can take my experience with your product line and needs and provide you with work instructions as desired to enable you to more quickly ramp up entry level techs in the future.

Calibration and repair support.
     I can help you develop a routine. In the world of metrology routine is important. You need to be sure your equipment is in tolerance, and to that end it needs to be calibrated by a professional metrology lab. The major disconnect I've seen time and again is that equipment does not get to the lab to be calibrated. Users don't know or care, or more likely simply lack the proper channels to get their test equipment calibrated. If you are constantly lagging on your calibration schedules I can help you develop a methodology that works for your team to keep you on track.

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